Ouch! My High Arches Are Killing Me!

Lower arched runners tended to have more soft-tissue injuries and injuries on the medial (inside) part of the leg, while high-arched runners tended to have injuries on the lateral (outside) part of the leg and more bony injuries like stress fractures and shin splints. In a later paper, the researchers identified arch and leg stiffness as the likely cause for the differences in injury location. While there is more to be discovered about the role of arch height in injuries, the recent evolution of the research on the topic allows us to have a more nuanced idea of how your arches might affect your daily running. Cold therapy has been known to reduce inflammation and applying an ice pack to the heel can help to reduce inflammation and therefore help to alleviate heel pain associated with plantar fasciitis. Heat therapy has been also known to relax muscles and reduce tension, hence applying a warm rag or hot patch to the area may provide warming relief from plantar fasciitis and help to ease heel pain. Aug 31, 2010 By Kathryn Meininger Photo Caption There are a variety of conditions that can cause pain on the sole of the foot. Photo Credit Woman having foot Massaged image by Jeffrey Banke from Fotolia.com Supinators should wear shoes that provide extra cushioning to make up for the lack of shock absorption by their feet. Shoes with supportive arches can also be beneficial. Having a professional analyze your gait may be helpful before selecting your next pair of running or walking shoes. If supination becomes bothersome, your doctor may prescribe custom orthotic devices that will help redistribute the weight on your feet and absorb shock more effectively. Children should NEVER wear high heels because their bodies are still growing, and the centre of gravity change brought on by high heeled shoes can change their bodies irreversibly. Even if you have a normal arch or flat feet, Choose cushioned cross-trainers because they offer more protection and support your foot properly. Best Cross Training Sneakers for Women with Flat Feet or normal arch have good absorption soaking attributes. For high arches, you may also want to check if proper insoles are put inside these shoes because of their ability to support your heels while working out. The good thing is that you can buy them separately depending upon your specific needs and shoe size, of course. It is possible to live longer & better. Discover what you need to do NOW to keep you & your family disease-free. Are you crazy about running? No matter who are you, a pair of good running shoe is certainly needed. If you do not have that, that would cause injuries. The most important can be due to a nice pair of shoes. Mens running shoes are well-known as the most suitable. Are you crazy about running? A pair of good professional running shoe is essential for any good runner. If you do not have that, that would cause injuries. The most important can be due to a nice pair of shoes. Mens running shoes are well-known as the most suitable. Besides high arches, I have been saddled with duck feet. You know, wide up by the toes and skinny back by the heels? Just try stuffing a pair of high arched duck feet into pointy toed stilettos and you'll develop an instant appreciation for the meaning of the words "foot pain." So, not surprisingly, I took to going barefoot whenever possible. I never wore shoes in the house or in an office or anywhere else that I could find a way to ditch them. Light-weight shoes are designed for fast-paced runners who do not have mechanical problems. These shoes should only be worn for racing and high intensity training sessions.